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November 19, 2018

Before the holiday pounds sneak up on your pet,

schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today.

Holiday season is upon us— a busy time of year for festivities, socializing and of

course, lots of eating! And gaining those “holiday pounds” is not just a problem for

humans, but als...

September 19, 2018

September is when kids go back to school and finally, you have a chance to relax.

Who wants to join you? Your pet! While you’re snuggling with your furry friend, you may feel a Bump or rash on their skin. What should you do?

Your pet may have bumps, lumps, missing fur, a...

July 31, 2018

Schedule your pet’s annual checkup today and let’s take a listen!

When you’re a pet owner, you know a lot about the health of your pet just by using

your senses. You can see your pet’s eyes when they’re goopy. You can smell their ear

infection a mile away. You can feel th...

May 2, 2018

Q: Is your pet at risk for any of the following:

A) Fleas
B) Ticks
C) Worms
D) All of the above
A: All of the above (and they ALL can be tough to spot

Schedule your pet’s annual checkup today to be sure your pet is healthy!

Is your dog very tired? Is your cat eating les...

February 28, 2018

It’s almost spring!

Time to check for heartworm disease! Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today!

It’s March—springtime is around the corner! Worms in your garden…and worms in your pet? Eeew! Hold on, let’s explain…

The worms you find in your garden mulch are not the sam...

Welcome to our new website LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED This month we want to focus on your pet’s kidney and urinary tract health because this is an area of veterinary medicine where preventive healthcare can make a big difference! Did you know 75% of your pet’s kidney function is gone before you see signs of serious illness? That means your pet may have kidney disease and you may not even know it. A routine blood and urine test can clue us into the status of your pet’s kidney and urinary system. It’s that simple. Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup to ensure their kidney and urinary health. When we talk about chronic kidney disease, it’s a very common disorder in cats, especially those that are older than age 5. Renal (kidney) insufficiency or renal failure occurs when the kidneys are no longer able to do their appointed job--to remove waste products from the blood. Renal failure is not the same as not being able to produce urine. In fact, most cats with renal failure make lots of urine in an attempt to remove the waste products that collect in the blood. The kidneys are failing but the cat makes a huge volume of urine... this can be confusing to pet owners! Let’s switch gears and talk about urinary stones. Dogs or cats with very small stones in the urinary system do not usually have any signs. They look and act the same as usual. However, if these stones become larger, and are not detected and monitored, they can move into other areas of the urinary system that may cause obstruction. Obstruction is an emergency that puts your pet’s health at serious risk. The best way to keep your pet’s kidney and urinary tract health in tiptop shape is through preventive healthcare. Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today so we can examine your pet from nose to tail, run any tests if needed and discuss all the concerns you may have. We care about your pet so call us today. We promise, we will leave no stone unturned. January 15, 2018 Read More

January 15, 2018

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May 2, 2018

February 28, 2018

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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